Connell Black


Connell is originally from Michigan and played baseball at Valparaiso University and Grand Rapids Community College before finishing his academic career at Western Michigan University. Post-college, he became involved in minor league baseball in West Michigan before moving to Denver, Colorado. While in Denver, he was a partner in multiple successful business startups in telecommunications and healthcare, and his contacts and experiences expanded to national and international levels.

While in Denver, he continually worked with many professional athletes, helping them in various capacities, looking at their professional and personal endeavors, even after their professional playing career ended, and eventually becoming a certified NBA agent. He finally moved to southern California to assist more athletes with on and off the field endeavors.

In 2015, Connell also started working with Titans Partners (TCP), a capital advisory firm helping clients with various financial needs. As he continued to foster his relationships and success with clients, he became a junior partner.

Currently, he is working at TCP – advising clients on commercial real estate and T.V./movie projects, consulting in the telecom/I.T. workspace, continually helping athletes with their professional and private endeavors.