S.T.A.R.S. YEP Enrichment Programs


Basketball Camp

Work with coaches and players to improve your passing, shooting, defensive skills, dribbling, strengthening, and conditioning. Overall health and physical development will also be addressed.


Life Skills Camp

We have some wonderful speakers and experts as presenters.


Believe in Yourself

Discover your gifts and purpose in life. We’re going to help you discover your special talents and begin to explore how you are going to make your “mark”.


Roadmap to Success and How to Get There

Learn how to create a life target, set goals and create a plan.


Paying it Forward

How can you get more involved and make a difference NOW!


Skills for Life Principles

STARS YEP follows the leadership principles established by Coach Mike Jarvis, the legendary high school and collegiate basketball coach as outlined in the book Skills for Life. Examples of these include:



S.T.A.R.S.  Youth Enrichment Program, Inc reserves the right to change and/or make adjustments to our programming schedule and programming content at its discretion and without providing prior notice.