Elena Velez

My name is Elena Velez and I am a passionate, caring, hard working person while also being a creative. I get excited and motivated when it comes to helping others, specifically underserved and underrepresented children to help and guide them in realizing their potential.

I am bilingual in Spanish and English, living with an enriched Latinx and anglo heritage.This range of diversity allows me to see things from multiple vantage points and makes me a more aware and inclusive person with those around me. I explore this in my writing and in my target audience for helping others. I have published work on virtual platforms and have accumulated over 4 million views and 14,000 followers.

I am a third-year at the University of Cincinnati with a major in English – Creative Writing and a minor in Marketing. At the University of Cincinnati, I am current president of Latinx en Accion, UC’s largest latinx identifying organization. I am also the professional development chair for Latinx Mentorship, which is a mentorship group for Latinx individuals entering university. I volunteer with College Mentors for Kids, where I have a little buddy and show them what a
college or university is like. I have interned at two non-profits prior to STARS YEP and have worked with kids for over four years with babysitting and being a summer camp counselor.