THE SELLERS INTERACTIVE COACHING SYSTEM, INC’s mission is to bring the brotherhood and sisterhood of coaches together to discuss the great game of basketball. Also, to actively perform ‘everyday’ duties demanded by the role.

Throughout the workshop, our coaching partners will experience:

Active practice plans along with team drills.
?Active practice plans along with team drills.?Game night presentation on the whiteboard (the whiteboard is a critical fundamental skill of game planning).?Opposition’s threat and opportunity challenge

I have collected several offensive sets from my time in the pros as a scout. This valuable information will be on display for you to review, discuss, and use!

Although we will have a series of important speakers address our coaching partners –  THIS CAN’T COACH YOU! Come prepared to work and hopefully, to become more skilled! Our workshop’s goal is to incorporate fellowship, participation, and expertise into our very own coaching playbook!

As the workshop’s curator, I am looking forward to meeting, fellowshipping, and working with you while also becoming more enriched through this experience!

Yours in Basketball,

Don A. Sellers
Coach, Founder & President