Skills for Life, offers practical advice to help the reader succeed in business, school, sports, business, relationships, and life. It is a “how to” book for those committed to helping themselves and others to reach their full potential.

This coaching manual was written for anyone who has tried to: teach or mentor (teachers, coaches, parents, business leaders, etc.), tried to learn (both young and old), and wants to know: “What it takes to succeed in the ‘real’ world”.

Skills for Life combines practical wisdom with real life applications from Coach Mike Jarvis’ personal and coaching life experiences. The book has been reviewed and acclaimed by readers from every sector: business, government, academic, athletic, media and faith.

Hall of Fame coach, Morgan Wooten, De Matha Catholic High School wrote, “After reading Skills for Life, I feel this is a must read for any player or coach at any level.” Skills for Life is a coaching manual for life.

Aim high and Reach 4 the S.T.A.R.S.!

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